We set out on a journey to make the world a better place, or as we call it - the World Change Challenge. People everywhere, coming together and co-creating the future we all want to live in, one challenge at a time.

By the numbers






Social Rewards

Your Hero journey has already began. Discover your passion, see the direct impact on a cause you care about and have the courage to live with a purpose. Inspire and empower change.

Browse our challenges board, find the causes you want to contribute to, or start your own challenge. 

24Joyzd is a platform for people to engage in social change. And you are the change maker. Just say:

       1. how many participants

       2. what should they do

       3. the time frame

       4. and for what worthy cause

You can take it global or local. Set it at home, at work, online or on vacation and for any cause - education, family, food, animals, environment and much more. Once it's ready - tell it to the world! Post, pin, tag, share and don't forget to ping us. We'll help you spread the word and inspire others to do Gooder. 

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