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MEET OUR TEAM and the people who make it all possible. From diverse backgrounds, cultures and origins, united together for one cause - to create a better world.

Nicolo Mantini
Laura Avila

Nicolò Innovation

With endless curiosity, mastery in innovation and passion for people, there's really no problem - big or small - that Nico can't solve.

Laura Marketing

Our marketing-guru-flag-bearer and a fellow entrepreneur. Her mission is to connect digital innovation with society's present and future needs.


By far the smartest numbers guy we've ever met. He also likes football and plays in amateur sports  leagues. What a champ!


Fastest hands on a keyboard and our technological superhero. We really can't say much more, except that he likes his privacy and his dog. 

Tatiana Gottlib

Tatiana Founder

Social entrepreneur, world citizen and a keen believer in endless human potential. That means she believes in you (yes You!) and your ability to make a difference.

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